Department of Dental Health Nursing

History of Department

Department of Dental Health Nursing was previously under the administration of University of Dental Medicine, Yangon since 1972. It was later transferred to University of Nursing, Yangon in July, 2002. The University of Nursing,Yangon collaborates with the department in conducting the course. The first Head of the department was Daw Than Nyunt Lwin in July, 2002. Daw Phyu Pyar Min Min Thein has been serving Assistant Lecturer and Head of the department from 1st January 2016 up to now.

Previous Heads of the Department

1. Daw Than Nyunt Lwin B.A.,Dip. GN, D.D.N (Singapore)  1. 7.2002 -  24.6.2004
2. Daw Naw Htay Lar   B.A. (Eco), Dip. D.N 25.6.2004 - 6.11.2012
3. Daw Theingi Hlaing LLB, Dip.D.N 18.10.2012 - 16.9.2013
4. Daw Aye Aye Thant B.A. (History), Dip. D.N 7.10. 2013 - 1.10.2015

Current Staff of the Department

Assistant Lecturer and Head

1. Daw Phyu Pyar Min Min Thein B.N.Sc,, B.A (Psychology), Diploma in Nursing,
Diploma in Dental Nursing



1. Daw Nilar Lwin B.Sc. (Botany), Dip. D.N


To take the leading role in dental health nursing education, service and research.


Education : To produce qualified and competent dental nurses
Service : To ensure compassionate, ethical and comprehensive nursing services through quality educations
Research : To promote dental health nursing research to meet national health need

Course goal

This course is intended to provide the students with knowledge needed to understand basic   principles of dental health nursing applicable to nursing procedures to enable them to carry out dental health nursing function effectively. 


Aim: To produce competent nurses for dental health.

Objectives: At the end of dental health nursing diploma course the student should:
1. Have acquired basis knowledge, skill and appropriate attitude in dental health nursing.
2. Be able to assist in treatment of dental diseases.
3. Be able to participate in primary oral health care to the community.
4. Be able to acquire skill in simple emergency dental care to the patients.
5. Be able to improve self-learning in continuing dental education.

Course:  Diploma in Speciality Nursing (Dental) 9 months

Subjects:  Dental Health Nursing

Total Learning Hours:  1260 Hours


Common Programme:

• Nursing concepts, theory and nursing process.
• Administration and management, Behavior science, Nutrition,
• Pharmacology,
• Microbiology and Physiology

Semester (I)

• Osteology, Muscular system, the nervous system and Alimentary system.

• Embryology, Tooth, Structure and composition of Dental Hard Tissues, Oral mucous membrane, Eruption and Tooth morphology

• Dental Caries, Cavity classification and nomenclature, Instrumentation, Matrix and wedges, Vital pulp therapy, Moisture isolation, Traumatized teeth, Endodontic Emergencies and Practical Exercises (J.O.C) Requirement of materials for oral use, Glass ionomer cements, Dressing agents.

• Requirements of materials, Biological Properties, Mechanical Properties, Rheological Properties. 
Constituents, Physical properties, Dental application of waxes Composition, Properties, Uses, Cast and Die materials Manipulation, Setting reaction, setting time. Polymeric denture base materials composition, manipulation, properties. Waxes and base plate materials

• Dentrifrices, Analgesics, Local anaesthetics and agents active against micro-organism  

Semester (II)

• Caries, Physical and Chemical injuries to dental hard tissue, Medical conditions affecting dental treatment plan
Premalignant lesions and conditions of oral cavity, Swelling of oral and para oral structure

• Oral ulceration, oral microbiology and oral manifestation of systemic diseases, Oral diagnosis, clinical examination
Indications and contraindications for tooth extraction, Management of oral cancer, Cellulites, Congenital and acquired defects, Preoperative Care of Patient

• Tissue of the periodontium, Gingival diseases, Periodontal diseases, Periodontal instrumentation, Initial and maintenance phases of periodontal treatment

• Child behavior and management, Dental health for the infants, Teething, Differences between deciduous and permanent teeth, Conservative of deciduous teeth, Traumatic injuries to the anterior teeth of children, Handicapped children, Exodontias for deciduous teeth,The prevalence of malocclusion, Terminology of orthodontics, Instruments used in orthodontics

Semester (III)

• Community dentistry, survey methods, preventive dentistry, fluoride and dental health, dental health education and behavior science, primary health care, Elementary statistics, management science, Metals, Alloys, Corrosion and electro deposition, Alloys for inlays, crowns and bridges, Partial denture casting alloys. Characteristic properties, Mechanical properties,  Metal & alloys materials, electro chemistry, Definition and types of corrosion, examples of galvanic corrosion, corrosion and galvanic pain, dental uses, composition, effect of constituents, manipulation, comparison. Impression materials Chemistry, Constituents and application, manipulation, properties. Denture cleansers, Role of Dental Nurses in Dentistry

• Poster work and competition, teaching aids for dental health education, primary oral health care in schools.